Spring treatment with Mesotherapy

Our skin goes through unfortunately a lot in our lifetime, from the sun damage to the use of harsh chemicals and products – it’s no surprise then that it’s often left feeling dull and lifeless. But! Mesotherapy is the perfect cure for injecting life back into the dermal layer of the skin, leaving it feeling plump and rejuvenated.

Mesotherapy in lipolysis is a safe, potent, and effective non-surgical procedure that can remove unwanted fat. Also, Mesotherapy can improve cellulite, eliminate localized fat deposits, promote weight loss, and has proven benefits to prevent aging. The process involves injecting a mixture of safe ingredients: vitamins, nutrients, and minerals into the body. The body will naturally excrete the fat once it is melted. This can also assist in dissolving the often fibrous material that causes cellulite, allowing for a smoother skin appearance. So, you find a new pathway to live the season without insecurities.

It was first developed in France in 1952 to treat vascular and lymphatic disorders. However, it was discovered that depending on the different substances injected, mesotherapy might also be useful in treating chronic pain, hair loss (alopecia), bone and joint disorders, and psoriasis. More recently, with the discovery that body fat can be reduced with the injection of certain substances, mesotherapy is widely being used to help with weight loss, cellulite reduction, body sculpting, wrinkle removal, and facial rejuvenation.

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